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Introducing the MUDJJ, M.I.S.H, HDU - Yon Lot indepandans, and Haiti Revolution 2024 t-shirt, a part of the Revolution Donation collection. This t-shirt represents the ongoing battle for change in Haiti, reminding us that a revolution is not won by a single battle, but by the sustained efforts of many. The design captures the spirit of unity and determination with the powerful message "HDU - Haiti Diaspora Uni pou nou konbat system corruption sa" (Haitian Diaspora United to fight this corrupt system). With every purchase, you are not only getting a stylish hat & t-shirt, but also supporting the ongoing fight for a better Haiti. Join the movement and show your support for change with theMUDJJ, M.I.S.H, HDU - Yon Lot indepandans, and Haiti Revolution 2024 t-shirt. L'Union Fait La Force.

Haiti Revolution 2024

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